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Course Builder provides the tools and services for educators in any setting to assemble and deliver learning content to their students.

About Us

Darden Business Publishing provides superior case-based classroom content for management education. The educational publishing arm of the school was founded in 2003 to share the school’s case collection with business instructors worldwide as well as to fulfill the market need for timely and relevant business case content. Today Darden Business Publishing is the second-largest case publisher in the United States. Its case collection contains over 3,000 cases, technical notes, exercises, books, and simulations used in more than 130 countries around the world.

Darden cases are written by University of Virginia faculty members, who consistently rank among the best teaching faculty worldwide. All Darden cases are tested in the classroom, and many are well supported with teaching notes for instructors and supplemental student materials that add to their teaching appeal and ability to engage students.

The Darden Business Publishing case collection spans the MBA curriculum from accounting to strategy. Our cases are practical, relevant, and timely with approximately 150 new products added each year to its wide range of interesting and current topics. Although Darden cases are designed specifically for MBA and executive learners, many are appropriate for use at the advanced undergraduate level.

Take advantage of the benefits of faculty registration today:

  • Gain exclusive access to inspection copies of cases and their teaching notes
  • Rate your favorite cases, simulations, and negotiation exercises, and exchange best practice teaching advice with other instructors in the site’s product comments
  • Explore blog submissions and forum threads written by peers who are using innovative teaching techniques and interact with them by sharing your own successful teaching experiences

DardenPlus! Course Builder is a new resource developed with Study.Net (www.study.net) that allows educators to conveniently assemble content bundles – with material from Darden and a variety other sources – for digital delivery to their students. DardenPlus! Course Builder benefits from the same world class support provided by Study.Net to educators and students, and seamless access to Study.Net’s copyright permission service.

DardenPlus! Course Builder Advantage

Educators, schools, and companies can use the DardenPlus! Course Builder to provide their students with the most relevant learning content as efficiently as possible, with all of the support they may need, at a reasonable cost.

Educators use the DardenPlus! Course Builder because:

  • The software service/platform is straightforward, logical and easy to use
  • DardenPlus! Course Builder is device, browser, and LMS platform neutral
  • Learning material from virtually any source, in any format, can be assembled in a content bundle for delivery to students
  • The use of aggregated content from different sources is the preferred choice of educators demanding relevant material for an increasingly flexible, interactive, high-expectation learning environment
  • The ability to "enhance" learning content with custom additions to digital documents is a game-changer, worth every penny of cost
  • The DardenPlus! Course Builder service assumes the risk of copyright compliance and all of the management headache
  • Schools and organizations have nearly unlimited flexibility to manage pricing and payment options
  • DardenPlus! Course Builder per-user pricing costs less than in-house solutions
  • User support provided by Study.Net exceeds all expectations – it is simply the best
  • The DardenPlus! Course Builder software service can be used alone or as a component of a school’s LMS platform
  • The DardenPlus! Course Builder development team will design custom solutions to meet the unique needs of any school or company user, at no additional cost to your school or company
  • The DardenPlus! Course Builder user experience reflects exceptionally well on educators, schools, and companies
  • The value of using the DardenPlus! Course Builder far exceeds the cost – both in terms of saved expense and enhanced reputation

Darden Business Publishing is committed to facilitate enhanced learning, by providing the best possible content experience for every user – whether student, educator, or administrator.

Getting Started

Using DardenPlus! Course Builder is straightforward. We promise.

Registration requires only an email and password, and identification of your school or organization. Then, you confirm your role (coordinator, instructor, or student) and you’re ready to roll.

As an instructor (or school/program coordinator), you can create a Content Bundle with assembled content from various sources, including Darden’s published library of cases and articles, for direct digital delivery to your students.

Deliverable content includes personal material you upload, copyright permission content from individuals and established publishers in the DardenPlus! Course Builder, and public domain material. While digital access is always available, optional print copies can also be ordered.

All pricing is real-time and always available to review. Content bundles are priced to include a flat assembly fee (e.g. $4.95 per student per bundle); and a per material delivery fee (e.g. $.25 per material per student). These fees pay for the use of the DardenPlus! Course Builder, e-commerce processing, and 24/7 support. An additional copyright fee is charged for any material that requires payment of a permission fee to the content rightsholder.

Instructors can also enhance any digital document with the addition of layered elements (i.e. questions, exercises, content links, comments, etc.). Interactive responses are automatically stored and available for the Instructor’s immediate review and use.

Students may purchase content bundles created for their affiliation (i.e. school or organization) from the DardenPlus! Course Builder Store. They can then view, print, and/or save this content, as well as manage its collaborative use. Usage reports are available anytime for instructors and school coordinators. Existing courses can be easily copied and/or edited. Materials used in a Content Bundle can be save to a Shared (school or company) Library or the user’s Personal Library on DardenPlus! Course Builder for future use.

So, it really is that simple.

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